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Motivational Speaking

"Motivational and Inspiring!" -Doctoral Student, Emperor's College

"Extremely Informative and clearly presented""

-South Baylo University Alumni 

"Thought provoking"

-Daejeon University Faculty Member, Korea

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Gary's Bio:


Gary Wagman PhD has an intense thirst for the extraordinary. At thirteen, he travelled alone to Japan and wandered the streets of Tokyo to immerse himself into a completely different culture and way of life. Gary was the first foreign student to study Korean Medicine at Deajeon University in Korea and become a doctor of Eastern Medicine. He was the first to receive a PhD in psychology at Capella University using acupuncture as a dissertation topic. This year he climbed to the highest point on earth, Mt. Chimborazo and has continuously challenged his own limits and stretched the norm. His most recent achievement was solo climbing and summiting five volcanoes in five days, covering 95 miles and 25,000ft of elevation gain. Gary  is the founder of the American Institute of Korean Traditional Medicine (AIKTM) and owner of a thriving acupuncture practice. He maintains a full-time clinical practice in West Linn, Oregon while offering educational seminars about Korean herbal and acupuncture methods.  He is also a motivational speaker and has a passion for empowering his audience and providing practical methods to maximize health and success.  He is author of Your Yin Yang Body Type, The Essential Teachings of Sasang Medicine, Yin Yang Balance for Menopause, Listen to Your Organs, and Climbing the Mountains Within. He is also author of several comprehensive textbooks in Korean Medicine.

Suggested Topics of Discussion: 


  • Maximize Your Health using Ancient Eastern Principles

  • Simple and Practical Methods to Enhance Your Wellbeing

  • Body Type Specific Diet, Exercise, and Mind Balancing Techniques

  • Body Type Specific Methods to Address Pain and Overcome Illness

  • Overcoming Self-limiting Beliefs

  • Finding Calmness in Chaos

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Suggested Questions: 


  • What can I do to optimize my spiritual and physical wellbeing?

  • What can I do to improve my relationship with work/coworkers?

  • What is the biggest challenge to overcoming pain and illness?

  • What do you want your audiences to take away from your presentation?

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