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Sasang Counseling

A unique ancient Korean method of discovering and cultivating your innate strengths and overcoming weaknesses.

At times we all face challenging situations, feel sad, and experience frustration. Sometimes all it takes is a little time and advice from a friend, but and other times, we need the support and care of a professional. With 20 years experience in Sasang Counseling, Gary's time-tested unique protocol helps you find your innate constitutional strengths and navigate through emotionally challenging situations. The first session begins with a detailed intake and the discovery of your Sasang body type. You'll then  be given advice on how to manifest your constitutionally-specific natural talents and mediate your deficiencies.

Therapy Session
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Hello! I'm your Sasang mentor, Dr. Gary Wagman, Sasang therapist, author, and doctor - call me Gary. As a child, I was extremely quiet and introverted. A moment did not go by without feeling like an outsider. I would often spend the days alone and isolated while my parents wondered what was going on with me. Through Sasang Counseling I discovered that my constitutionally weaker digestive system contributed to my quiet and shy nature.  After getting to know my constitutional strengths and weaknesses and supplementing with herbs to warm and nourish my digestive system, I was able to develop a healthy appetite, enhance my social skills and use my quiet nature to help others find peace and quiet within themselves.

Sasang Medicine holds that each individual had their own unique path in life that, when discovered, can benefit not only themselves, but many others as well. Sasang Counseling will help you:

  • Maximize your inner potential

  • Optimize your emotional health

  • Balance negative emotions and unproductive thought patterns

  • Enhance the ability to accept and appreciate your unique constitutional traits and help you manifest them

  • Find the right path forward

  • Discover which foods and herbs are compatible or incompatible with your constitution


The Sasang Counseling method consists of a five step process to enhance your emotional health. The first step is the discovery of your innate strengths and deficiencies. The second involves the reflection on how these traits affect your emotional and physical wellbeing. Step three  introduces emotional balancing methods to enhance innate strengths and mediate deficiencies. The fourth step includes the integration of these methods into daily life. Finally, the fifth step is the reflection on these changes and how they affected your wellbeing.

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