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Life is as an inspiration - a chance to follow our dreams and challenge our limits. Here are some of the mountains climbed, degrees obtained, and books written along my journey to get the most out of life and to empower and inspire others.

Other Accomplishments

Mountains I've Climbed since 2018:

Mt. Hood: 34 Summits

(Skied down from hogsback 6 times)

Mt Adams: 7 Summits

(Skied down from summit 5 times)

Mt St. Helens: 6 Summits

(Skied down from summit 5 times)

Mt Rainier: 4 Summits

(3 Single Push - ID, DC, Kautz)

Mt. Chimborazo (20,564ft):

1 Summit

Mt. Cotopaxi (19,453ft):

1 Summit

Mt. Illiniza Norte: (18,533):

1 Summit

Mt. Shuksan (13,355ft):

1 Summit

Mt. Shasta (14,355ft):

2 Summits 1 ski down

Mt. Washington

South Sister

Middle Sister

Mt Jefferson

Denali (20,310ft)

1 Summit



Lobuche (20,075ft)

1 Summit

Ama Dablam (22,356ft)

Summit Attempt



Seton Hall University, West Orange, New Jersey

Bachelor’s Degree in Asian Studies, Minor in Psychology (Graduated with Honors)


Soka University, Tokyo, Japan                                   

One Year Intensive Study of Japanese Language and History


Yonsei University, Seoul, Korea

One Year Intensive Study of Korean Language and History


Emperor’s College of Oriental Medicine, Santa Monica, CA

Master’s Degree in Oriental Medicine (Graduated Magna Cum Laude)


Wanjing Hospital of Acupuncture and Orthopedics, Beijing, China

Hospital Internship (Intensive 3 Week Program)


Acupuncture Orthopedics Course (Sports Injury Certification)

Dongguk Royal University, Los Angeles, California


Daejeon University Hospital of Oriental Medicine

Daejeon, South Korea

Hospital Internship (Intensive 3 Month Program)


Dong Eui University Hospital of Oriental Medicine, Pusan, South Korea

Korean Five Elemental Acupuncture, Intensive Study and Internship


Capella University, Minneapolis, Minnesota: PhD Degree in                                                        

Psychology (Thesis: The Use of Acupuncture for Depression in Women)

Wilderness First Responder (Certified)

Crevasse Rescue Training 

Avalanche Rescue (AIARE Certification)

Clinical/Work Experience

Yachats Center for Integrative Health Care

Practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Owner


Harmony Acupuncture & Herbs (Currently Main Clinic)

Practitioner of Oriental Medicine, Owner


Outside In, Portland Oregon

Volunteer Physician for Low Income Population


Clinical Supervisor/Professor at Oregon College of Oriental Medicine


Yon Kyung Won (Institution for the Study of the Classics)

Yearly 2-3 Week Continuing Education Training in Daejeon, Korea

Other Experience

Community Outreach Programs Coordinator/Instructor

Informing Local Community about Complementary Health Related Topics (Monthly)


Bolton Business Association, Founder/Coordinator

Gathering Local Businesses, Planning Events, Giving Back to the Community


Founder and Lecturer at the American Institute of Korean Traditional Medicine

Non-profit Organization to Introduce General Public and Practitioners to Korean Traditional Medicine


Speaker (International Congress on Complementary Medicine Research in Jeju, Korea)

Review of Current Sasang Medical Research


Initiated Collaborative Research Study Between the Korean Institute of

Oriental Medicine, Korea and the National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon


Keynote Speaker (Korean Student Alumni Association Symposium, South Baylo University)

Introduction to Sasang Medicine (Lectured in Korean Language)


“The Patient’s Role in the Oriental Medical Clinic” Oriental Medicine Journal (Fall 2007)

“The Importance of Considering the Constitution” Acupuncture Today (July 2007)

“The Prevention of Miscarriage” Acupuncture Today (Jan 2007)

“Healing Begins with the Heart” Qi Journal (Winter 2008)

“Allergies and Oriental Medicine” (Spring, 2014)

“Empirical vs. Etiological Approaches in Oriental Medicine” Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion (April, 2015)

"One Size Does Not Fit All" Acupuncture Today (November, 2015)

"The Shaky Relationship between Hun and Po" Qi Journal (Winter 2015)

"The Korean Tradition of Sasang Medicine: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives" (Fall 2016, Oriental Medicine Journal)

"Sasang Medicine and Viral Immunity" (Jan 2017, Journal of Acupuncture & Moxibustion)


“Sasang Medical Pharmacopeia” (Spring,  2011: Lulu Publishing)

“Your Yin Yang Body Type” (December,  2014: Inner Traditions Publishing)

"The Essential Teachings of Sasang Medicine" (August, 2016: Singing Dragon Publishers)

"Yin Yang Balance for Menopause" (March 2019: Inner Traditions)

"Korean Constitutional Acupuncture" (November, 2019: AIKTM Press)


The Use of Korean Acupuncture and Expectancy for Depression in Women” (PhD Dissertation, August 2010)           

 “The Development of a Sasang Constitutional Assessment Tool for Individuals of European Descent”

(Involved in initiating and planning research collaboration between the Korean Institute of Oriental Medicine, Daejeon, Korea and the National College of Natural Medicine, Portland, Oregon: Completed in January 2018)

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