• The Best Online Homeschool Programs For Kids


    Homeschool has become a very popular option in the last few years. Advances in technology now make it easy to homeschool your children and connect with other homeschooling families. Some families choose homeschool because the schools where they live aren’t great. Others choose homeschool because they feel it fits their children’s personality better than a traditional classroom environment.

    The biggest criticism people have about homeschool is that kids don’t get the same socialization that they get attending traditional school. But thanks to advances in technology that’s no longer true. Parents that join a homeschool program online get the best of both worlds. Their kids get to connect with other kids around the same age and they get all the benefits of homeschool. Modern technology makes it easy for digital classrooms to provide the same interaction that kids get in a physical classroom thanks to streaming video and video chat programs like Facetime. Check out some of the best online homeschool programs for kids:

    Home Learning Institute

    This online program gives parents access to teacher created curriculums, special education book series and other tools that will help them give their kids a great education. Kids can also learn and interact with other kids through video lessons and online chat. Parents can also arrange to have their kids take tests through the Home Learning Institute if they need to have a separate test proctor for official exams. This is a great comprehensive program that gives kids and parents the tools they need to succeed. This program isn’t free but there are discounts available and special program pricing for members of different groups.

    Khan Academy

    Khan Academy is one of the most well respected online homeschool programs. Kids of all ages can find lessons on any topic that interests them. And parents can be sure that the information has been vetted and is accurate. Khan Academy lessons encourage kids to interact with other kids and talk about the lessons they’re learning. The lessons also have helpful tips for parents that will help then navigate the lessons and follow up with important information. Tests and quizzes are available to make sure that students understand the material. There are also essay questions and though provoking discussion questions to increase the child’s understanding of all the facets of the lesson. Khan Academy is totally free and is accessible to everyone online.

    Global Student Network

    If learning other languages and learning about other cultures is important to you the Global Student Network is a great choice for a homeschool online learning program. Kids can interact with kids from more than 30 other countries. They can learn other languages and learn about the culture and customs of countries around the world through one on one interactions with kids in those countries. T

    here are also plenty of domestic lesson plans and information to help create a great home school program. The cultural emphasis on the Global Student Network program is what makes it standout in the field of online homeschool programs.

    Parents can connect with parents as well and trade materials, get insights about teaching, and connect their kids on a personal level. Some of the friendships made through the Global Student Network will last a lifetime. And it helps build cross cultural friendships among families too which is a fabulous way to teach kids about the world. You might even want to take your kids on a field trip to meet their friends around the world someday. This program has a very minimal cost that is really a great investment in a quality homeschool education.

    Make sure the online homeschool program is legit by doing a background check.

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  • Best Fitness Accounts to Follow on Instagram

    For people that are doing their best to stay in shape, having the right motivation is everything. In order to be fit one needs to make the right health choices like eat healthy, spend time in the gym or being active, and be careful about what they put into their body. It’s difficult to do those things without proper inspiration.

    That’s why it can be very helpful to follow some of the best Instagram accounts for fitness and gym lovers. Whether you’re a guy or a girl there are plenty of fitness profiles to follow. Some are full of workout routines and different lifting techniques, others are more of a personal profile that may offer inspirational quotes or pictures. Both are important if someone wants to stay motivated to be fit heading into the Summer of 2017.

    Instagram isn’t the only social media platform out there, but those that keep up with the world through their electronics are used to staying up to date through Instagram, thanks to its clean layout and majority of pictures. That’s why it’s time to count down the best fitness accounts to follow for people on Instagram.

    Top Instagram Accounts for Fitness Lovers

    The Rock

    Everyone knows who The Rock, or Dwayne Johnson, is, so his Instagram shouldn’t be too hard to find or recognize. His Instagram isn’t solely a fitness one, but due to the nature of his work and who he is, fitness seems to leak into just about every post. Much of The Rock’s talent may be God-given, but he still works incredibly hard to stay in as great shape as he is. He offers lots of pictures and quotes that will inspire those who are trying to stay in shape.

    Alpha Males Only

    This account is tailored towards men, obviously, but it is one of the most unique profiles on Instagram when it comes to the gym and working out. It’s a great hybrid between an inspirational account and a comedic one. Some of the posts are simply memes that only those who spend a lot of time in the gym will be able to relate to. Others are impressive videos of guys in the gym. This is one of the best Instagram accounts for guys to follow.

    Fit Girl Life

    Obviously tailored more towards women, this profile can be followed @femalefitnesshelp. It’s one of the best accounts for women who are looking to get in shape and stay motivated at the gym. It’s full of funny quotes, as well as transformation photos of girls who have undergone incredible transformations by eating right and being active.

    Anna Victoria

    Not exactly the female version of The Rock, but pretty close (without enormous muscles), Anna Victoria is a fitness guru and inspiration on Instagram. She also came up with a 12 Week Meal Plan and 12 Week Workout Guide that followers can get access to. She offers great quotes as well as lots of pictures that help her followers stay motivated to eat right and be active. Definitely one of the best fitness accounts for women to follow.


    The Vitamin/Supplement brand has its own Instagram page with more than half a million followers. With everything from workout routines to nutrition, this page is great for both men and women that are wanting great tips for staying fit.

    These are five of the best Instagram fitness profiles out there. There are obviously more, however, so go exploring and find someone that inspires you. Technology can work to our advantage when we use it right! And that goes for Instagram, as well.

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